Mutiny in Company D, 7th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry

I have a muster record for Private Harry Francis claiming:

JAN_FEB_64   absent, under arrest 2/5/64, reduced to ranks from 1st Corp

I am puzzled as to what else may have happened on February 5th, 1864.  If anyone has any clues, please drop me a comment here.  While I wait, I’ll try to see if anyone else in the regiment had something in their records reflecting calamity.

Curious indeed.  At one point I thought this may have been related to Captain Andrew Clark’s resignation but that happened the year prior.  Quite the mystery.

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  2. Larry T says:

    I’m not sure what REALLY happened in regards to the mutiny…From what I have gathered several soldiers from Owsley County were upset that a fellow soldier from there was being punished…for what I don’t know. My great-great-great-grandfather Elisha Thomas was involved.

    If you can find more, please post it here.


  3. Wayne says:

    I most certainly will Larry! I have also added the link to the website to the blog, great information there!

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