The Great 7th Kentucky Hogchase!

First alittle background. Yesterday while moving the Quartermaster, EW read us a bit from a book by William C Davis(title escapes me at the moment). The bit spoke of several members of the 7th KY and some other regiments who decided to take a little swim off of the steamer Tecumseh. Mr. Davis told the tale that they went after a local resident’s hog.

Your entrepid muster record hound went to work. As I’ve said before, we have about 600 men fully transcribed which accounts for roughly half of the veteran volunteer regiment. That should give us a representative sampling of the regiment over all. If this happened( no reason to doubt Mr. Davis really), then surely it would be mentioned somehow in the records right? Awols, charges, SOMETHING would be written in the records of these men who jumped the boat.

Next, if these guys went after a hog, the beast had to be of reasonable size to make the effort worth it. This would put the time frame sometime in the early fall at the earliest.

Lastly, our group of men would most probably all come from the same company and SHOULD be roughly the same hieght if they are all privates.

I think I’ve found something that matches the above criteria. September 29, 1864 I have four men going AWOL. All from Company B and all having just signed on with the Vet Vols the previous March. They are all in the 5’8″ to 5’10” range. Further analysis of the Company B muster shows that every single man was ” restored to duty without loss of pay or allowances by order of Capt Bacon, comdg regt”.

The muster records for these four men may be found here:
John Hacker
Levi Hacker
James Cornett
Milton Henson

As we progress through the transcription process we’ll keep an eye out for this event.

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