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Kentucky Union Muster Records

All kinds of bigtime KUDOS to the Allen County Indiana Public Library for scanning in Kentucky’s Union Civil War muster records!  Why in the world they did Kentucky and not Indiana I don’t know and maybe they did…really need to find them if they did. :/ It takes some work to effectively BROWSE the records but I’m not going to… (more…)

Continuing the Lewis Stivers saga…

Previously, I talked about the execution of Lewis Stivers for the murder of James Cundiff both from the 7th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry.  Some of the military questions remain such as why didn’t the Sergeant or Corporal of the Guard stop Stivers from retrieving his weapon.  One of the social questions that I have had on this hasn’t been answered…until possible… (more…)

On this day 150 years ago…

The election of President Lincoln in 1860 shook the country to its foundations.  All of us are aware of the interstate struggle that had been going on for several years regarding the admission and status of states to the growing Union.  As early as a month after the election of 1860, John Bell of Tennessee had this to say about… (more…)

So ya think Lincoln was tall?

So goes the story right?  President Abraham Lincoln was a towering man of 6’4″ inches in his barefeet.  Well, my wife’s Great-Great Grandfather has him by 3 inches. I give you the Descriptive Roll card for Sergeant Walker Garland Routt, Company K, 19th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry. During the Civil War, if you were literate there was a very high likelihood… (more…)