Genealogy Jamboree 2013

I will be back at the Genealogy Jamboree at Cumberland Gap this year.  The dates are June 6, 7, and 8 2013.  I will be talking about ways to better understand Civil War Muster Records on Thursday the 6th at 2:30p and Friday the 7th at 1p in the Visitor Center Auditorium.

The presentation can be found here.




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  1. Carol Golden says:

    Hi Wayne,
    I missed this years event however had a question. Just recently someone posted an Article II Consolidated List of all person ofClass II subject to do military duty in the 8th congrational district___________ _______________ Whitley County, Knox County and _______ stae of Kentucky during the month of July 1863. This is about all I could make out since the copy was small print and hard to read. A Solomon Golden was on this list, however I am not sure he was in the Civil War. How can I obtain a readable copy of this page?
    Many thanks,
    Carol Golden

  2. Wayne says:

    Hmmm…that’s a new one for me! After a wee bit of research I found this that suggests the document you are looking at is likely from the 1863 Union Draft. The 8th CD was largely depopulated of appropriate aged military males in 1861 but by 1863 those 16 year olds in 1861 were now of military age!

    Also, there is this which explains a bit of the Enrollment Act of 1863.

    So, it seems that even if Mr. Golden was on this list there is a reasonable chance that he never served because he fell into one of the various categories of men who were to be exempted.

    As with all drafts, just because someone shows up on the draft list doesn’t necessarily mean they served in a given war.

    The National Park Service’s system, Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Database, doesn’t list a Solomon Golden but there are several other Goldens in regiments that I know were raised around 1863. You might peruse this list and see if any names stick out. My money is on Mr. Golden being on the 1863 Draft list but never made it into the service of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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