The Curious Case of Daniel Crow and Susanna Skelton

Some genealogists are looking for Heroes.  Some genealogists are looking for the pure story of their families.  Other genealogists started out in the first two categories and landed in the place of just loving the research.  For me?  I have wanted to get across the pond and have some idea where I come from in Europe.  In the case of… (more…)

Sherman and Kentucky

On October 16th  of 1861, General William Tecumseh Sherman met with Secretary of War Simon Cameron at the Galt House in Louisville.  Sherman was new to his position as Department Commander and wanted to brief his boss on the situation in Kentucky.  As Sherman entered the room he was greeted by an entourage of reporters and the Adjutant General Lorenzo… (more…)

Genealogy Jamboree 2013

I will be back at the Genealogy Jamboree at Cumberland Gap this year.  The dates are June 6, 7, and 8 2013.  I will be talking about ways to better understand Civil War Muster Records on Thursday the 6th at 2:30p and Friday the 7th at 1p in the Visitor Center Auditorium. The presentation can be found here.    … (more…)

Tales from the Ranks

August 19, 1861 was an exciting day on the farm of William H Crook of Clay County Kentucky. Hundreds of people had gathered to hear the pontificatin’ and chest thumpin’. At that point everyone knew that Theophilus Garrard was raising a regiment to help preserve the Union and this rally would result in the enrollment of about 3 companies of… (more…)

Newspapers – same today as yesterday

When a newspaper today publishes something having to do with the war d’jour or some foreign policy decision or indecision there are howls of protest from one side or the other of the political spectrum and sometimes both.  Either the paper shouldn’t have published this because it endangered operations or the paper was insensitive to the dead of another operation. … (more…)

Buell and East Tennessee

If a modern General took 4 months to show ANY SIGNS of movement toward a military objective he would be replaced forthwith and that is even discounting our modern communications. General Buell had been given explicit orders to move on East Tennessee SIX TIMES from assuming command on Nov 15, 1861 through February 1862 but Buell ignored or circumvented the… (more…)

Never a truer word has been written

Short of the Gospel of course… General William Tecumseh Sherman on the state of affairs in Kentucky in October of 1861: I was unnecessarily unhappy, and doubtless exhibited it too much to those near me ; but it did seem to me that the Govern- ment at Washington, intent on the larger preparations of Fre- mont in Missouri and McClellan… (more…)

Signals at Tazewell

So, I have found myself with an intense interest in the Signal Corps of late.  I have known about the legendary George Ellsworth of John Hunt Morgan’s Cavalry for a while.  I have also read about various telegraph operators and flag waiving Signal Corps soldiers in the past.  My interest now, however, has turned to the more technical side of… (more…)

Update to Mutiny in Company D, 7th Kentucky!

Thanks to the kindness of a friend I will be getting my grubby hands on the Court Martial records regarding the mutiny of some of the men in Company D!  The whole kit and the kaboodle!  Can. Not. Wait!  Will post here once we get it all together.