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Mutiny in Company D, 7th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry

I have a muster record for Private Harry Francis claiming: JAN_FEB_64   absent, under arrest 2/5/64, reduced to ranks from 1st Corp I am puzzled as to what else may have happened on February 5th, 1864.  If anyone has any clues, please drop me a comment here.  While I wait, I’ll try to see if anyone else in the regiment had… (more…)

August 20, 1862 – The Day the FUN began

Many regiments can point to a particular day in their lives where the “Fun” began. Whether that was an important battle, the day their Colonel was killed/promoted/both, or the day they got their Regimental Colors…they all have “that day”. The 7th Kentucky is no different and I would say that this day isn’t the day some of you folks might… (more…)

Murder of James Cundiff and Execution of Lewis Stivers

I just found something on this and thought I should move my other references, scattered across several blogs, to this space.  So…here we go. 😉 During the first week of the 1862 Federal retreat from Cumberland Gap there was an incident at Manchester that has been shrouded in some mystery until today. We have known that Private Lewis Stivers of… (more…)